Mennonite Voluntary Service

Serve in community

Join an intentional community with peers, serve with a local nonprofit, and plug into your neighborhood and local congregation. Ages 20+.  1- or 2-year term.



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$10,000 gift retires Alamosa MVS unit mortgage$10,000-gift-to-retire-Alamosa-MVS-unit-mortgage.aspx$10,000 gift retires Alamosa MVS unit mortgageBy Wil LaVeist



Vermicomposting in 10 easy, and progressively more descriptive, steps,-and-progressively-more-descriptive,-steps.aspxVermicomposting in 10 easy, and progressively more descriptive, stepsAlex Loeppky
New MVS position created to carry out Partners in Peacemaking resolution in local settings MVS position created to carry out Partners in Peacemaking resolution in local settingsBy Annette Brill Bergstresser
First steps toward immigration justice steps toward immigration justiceBy Elsa Goossen

 MVS in depth


Ins​tant community

Instant community happens in two ways. First, MVS participants live in a house together sharing meals and mutually supporting each other. Second, MVS units are hosted by local Mennonite churches that encourage, challenge, and work alongside MVS volunteers.


A story of peace

MVS began in 1944 as a practical peaceful alternative to serving in the military. Over the years, MVS participants have played integral roles in transforming social systems relating to health, education, immigration, food, housing and more. MVS invites participants to continue to shape this shared story of actively working toward a more peaceful and just world.​


Test drive a career

Placements at local nonprofit organizations provide chances to develop skills and gain new experiences that can be helpful in obtaining future employment. This experience can also jumpstart careers in a field that might be difficult to get into.


Opportunities for spiritual formation

Participants’ faith can be nurtured by attending a local Mennonite church, living in Christian community, one-to-one spiritual direction, and taking seminary classes.


Student loan assistance

Student loan scholarships are available to all volunteers who have college debt and complete a term of service. While serving, most loans can also be deferred.


Room and board

MVS encourages volunteers to explore what it means to live simply and sustainably. During service, all basic needs such as food, housing, health care, transportation, and a personal stipend are provided from a shared purse.​




Men Alive Program Assistant Alive Program AssistantElkhartTo assist us with sharing the heart of our agency with men who have some realistic hardships to overcome.
Maintenance Mennonite Voluntary Service (3 days a week) Mennonite Voluntary Service (3 days a week)ElkhartActively participate in AMBS plant maintenance assisting in any an all activities related to plant function and appearance.
Community Garden Assistant Garden AssistantKansas CityUse your love of gardening by assisting a variety of groups and invidividuals improve their gardening skills and knowledge.



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 MVS Units



Seattle Locations/Units.aspx?ID=14SeattleWashingtonMVS participants generally serve in environmental or human service agencies that focus on low- or no-income persons and marginalized individuals and families.
Puerto Rico Locations/Units.aspx?ID=99Puerto RicoPuerto RicoThe MVS unit in Aibonito serves with Academia Menonita Betania, a private, Christian, bilingual school serving around 160 students from kindergarten through ninth grade.
Elkhart Locations/Units.aspx?ID=10ElkhartIndianaTry out a vocation of community development work in Elkhart, and make a difference in the diverse communities where participants live, serve, and worship.
Manhattan Locations/Units.aspx?ID=12ManhattanNew YorkService opportunities in the Manhattan MVS unit focus on urban peace and service ministries particularly related to marginalized persons. Many MVSers work among the homeless, immigrants, and with those suffering from HIV/AIDS.
San Francisco Locations/Units.aspx?ID=7San FranciscoCaliforniaMVSers engage with issues of poverty, homelessness and health (including HIV/AIDS) in a vibrant urban setting. They also nurture children, work with youth, and advocate for nonviolent change in society.
Washington, D.C. Locations/Units.aspx?ID=15Washington, D.C.District of ColumbiaMVSers can work with intergovernmental and human service organizations in areas including health, education, homelessness and poverty, advocacy, policy and law, immigration, religion, the arts, and with issues of race, gender and class.
Chicago Locations/Units.aspx?ID=9ChicagoIllinoisJoin life in the diverse Pilsen neighborhood and enjoy fellowship with Chicago Community Mennonite Church. Explore God’s call to serve those affected by political, social, and economic injustice.
Kansas City Locations/Units.aspx?ID=11Kansas CityKansasKansas City volunteers serve their communities by finding housing and employment for refugees, developing and maintaining community gardens, advocating for migrant workers, and coordinating children's programs for kids of all ages.
San Antonio Locations/Units.aspx?ID=13San AntonioTexasMVSers in San Antonio can serve with child care, health care, social service, home repair for low-income families, and legal service agencies.
Madison Locations/Units.aspx?ID=16MadisonWisconsinLive out your faith and explore a vocation, unique to your gifts, in areas like creation care, health care, and community development.
Tucson Locations/Units.aspx?ID=6TucsonArizonaService options in Tucson focus on work with the poor and assisting low-income families.
Alamosa Locations/Units.aspx?ID=8AlamosaColoradoEnjoy the mountains of rural Colorado and a small Anabaptist fellowship, while meeting critical community needs such as immigration, housing, restorative justice, and environmental restoration.



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What's a gap year?'s a gap year?Taking a 1-year break for service can help you renew focus.